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In Gradius, you are forced to look down at the text - BORING, if I wanted to read some text I'd rather read a book -, therefore losing precious milliseconds and leaving you in potential danger. But I guess it was an additional way for the developer to artificially raise the difficulty and grab your coins....
This is abusing moderator power. You know it.

And don't even get me started on the lack of Copper gradients and pausing for nearly-eternal decrunching phases after each level. Total rubbish, I tell you
Gradius 2 on MSX (Exclusive game for the MSX, not a port from the arcade game) does that after you kill a boss. And it takes *a while*. It's very funny, the boss just stops moving or attacking you for 3 or 4 seconds, and you are like "What the heck is happening? Did the game freeze? What?" And suddenly, "BOOOM" the boss explodes and the game goes on.

We used to say the game gives you a pause to rest your thumb from pressing fire so many times

I am nearly sure my experience with Project-X was a lot more with the SE edition than the original one. Isn't the SE the one with just 3 disks? My memory may be fuzzy, but if my memory of level 1 being too long was from SE, the original is even worse then

But I counted 8 minutes from the longplay video, I really don't remember how long it went when I used to play it. I just remember it was *long*
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