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Originally Posted by phx View Post
It took some time, because I wanted to wait until Trap Runner was physically distributed by Amiga Future, and then I nearly forgot about it. But here it is, the release of the complete Trap Runner V1.2 source text, to build everything from scratch. It includes source texts, graphics, music, tools, etc.:

As usual for my games, the build process should be portable, so you can build it on many different host systems. Initially the only dependancy is a working ISO-C99 compiler. The rest can be built from source.

Other tools needed (build from source);
  • GNU-make
  • vasmm68k_mot
  • vlink
And the AmigaOS NDK 3.x assembler include files would be good to have. Makefile uses vbcc and Makefile.unix uses gcc to build the tools. The only variable you might have to change in your Makefile is ASINC, which defines the path to your AmigaOS assembler includes.

No license included. But hereby I release everything into public domain!
Have fun! Make Amiga games!

phx, we love you!
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