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Originally Posted by Zeewolf
1. Would you recommend buying a HD or not? I've read up that they can be a bit of a nightmare. I'm no technical wizkid either. I'm looking at transferring ADF's over from my PC to play, so is having a HD essential?
Without a doubt go for one. Any 2.5" drive will do, as long as they're smaller than 4GB because otherwise you'll have problems using the full capacity. They're not that hard to set up; there's a cradle inside the machine where the drive fits as well as a port to plug the cable in, it's dead easy

If you get one with the machine then you can ignore the above

It's easy enough to format, partition etc. You could just use something like ClassicWB for convenience.

2. Can you get hold of a lead now so that you can plug the Amiga in via scart?
You should be able to, I've got one, can't remember how I got it though. You could try somewhere like Amigakit I guess.

3. Is it still easy enough to get hold of floppy disks? I'm looking at getting perhaps 200-300 in bulk. Is it possible to play Amiga games off CD? Can you buy external CD drives even?
Again, I'm sure Amigakit sell Double-density disks that the Amiga uses. You can buy High-density floppy disks, you'll have to format them as DD but they do work, I've got plenty and never had a problem.

External CD drives are possible to get hold of, I've got a Squirrel SCSI that plugs into a PCMCIA port, and a CD-ROM drive attached to it. (Ebay may be your best bet here.) There are quite a few games that were released only on CD, like Shadow of the Third Moon, T-Zero, Quake etc.

4. Can you still buy Zipsticks? Or if not Zipsticks, how about Pythons?
Not sure about brand new Amiga joysticks. Again Ebay is probably your best hope.

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for your help again guys. Much appreciated. Cant wait to get back to Amiga life. I'm also dying to get to enter the EAB competition.
You are my new best friend

These answers may not be entirely accurate, but I've done my best. I'm sure there are plenty of other people who can help you out more.
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