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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I'd just use the older RTG version of the SDL to get it up and running first.
I've extracted sdl_sysjoystic.o and it does build now, will have a test now

#1) no luck, gave " sdl without timer support".

#2) tested amiga-sdl, and here i get anotehr crazy stuff, while linking:
undefined reference to `_kprintf' / undefined reference to `_fdopen'
$ m68k-amigaos-nm.exe ../../SDL/lib/libSDL.a | grep -i print
000001b0 t _PrintDouble
00000156 t _PrintInt
0000020e t _PrintPointer
         U _fprintf
         U _sprintf
         U _kprintf
         U _kprintf
absolut useless content and the enduser has to fix it? i dont get that.

#3) someone else must try to compile it, to confirm the error.
i'm not even sure if i made some mistake somewhere.

#4) readme says:
- You can get rid by debug.lib if you define an empty kprintf() in your code.
i've put a void kprint (); in Applewin.cpp main() , ,
undeclared kprint ...

need a break.

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