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Originally Posted by macce2 View Post

Do you run IDEfix before the CD32 Emulator program loads.. ?
I tried to install IDEfix on my system but it did have some problems. So I removed it.
The point is I don't want to install the CD32 Emulator on my hard drive, I prefer floppy disk booting it. So, can I use atapi.device for my CD rom drive without running IDEfix ?
If not, could I make a CD32 Emulator boot floppy which runs IDEfix first ? Guess it will have trouble to have enough save space .. :-)


Many thanks for the information. However, I did know 68040 and 68060 may have some kind of problems. I'll have to try the MuLib package. (if all those files will fit on my boot floppy :-D )

Hey, any 68040/68060 users there trying to play some CD32 games ?
You dont need to run IDEFIX, just put atapi.device and CD0 from dosdrivers drawer on to the floppy in same drawers.
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