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AGF site maintainer inquiry

Hya creators!

15 years ago I asked RCK to create for us a site on, - Amiga Game Factory, - to host the games we were crafting via the forum as a collaborating platform.

Obviously I was a bit naive as to how much work game making entails, but I think that the AGF forum was more than reasonably successful in the 15 years since.

Back then, I did basic html structure and added only the couple of pages about the game that CFOU! and others were upgrading, Eye of the Beholder; but I soon let the site go, as individual creators projects were well self managed in the AGF forum.

Now RCK has moved the site on the new host; on this occasion, I'm wondering if anybody wants to revive it, by taking on the mantle of maintainer, and for instance add pages for the game projects completed since 2005, as result of the collaboration of members of EAB.

AGF site is not vital to EAB, but it can be nice to have a place where to have a bird eye on this forum activity over the years.

If anybody is interested, please let us know, RCK can set up the FTP access to the site.

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