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I realise this is a very old thread.

Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
We all know that PCMCIA-CF adapters work, with a correct driver, because they are ATAPI devices, so in theory PCMCIA-IDE should work too.
AFAIK PCMCIA is superset of PATA (IDE). These PCMCIA-CF adapters are (AFAIK) PATA not ATAPI. They work because a third party wrote a PCMCIA setup and ATA driver for the Amiga's PCMCIA address location (CFD).

PCMCIA is very closely related to the PATA and hence why the these PCMCIA->IDE adapters have very little electronics in them.

Why the interest? Both the A1200 and the A600 (which have PCMCIA) both have native PATA hardware and drivers in addition to PCMCIA. CF cards are surely easier to use than old PATA drives? (You've got to supply external power for example)

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