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Sure Bloodwych, why would I ask you to set it enabled as default ? Besides, it's the only patch from the menu which is not enabled, so it's very easy to enable it/disable it for testing purposes.

It's simply that I found out about env-handler and though it was a nice and uncommon pick, had it set in my AmigaOS 3.9 installation (along with the AmberRAM RAM disk), when I noticed it was enabled in AmigaSYS and possibly in AIAB.

As for faster (faster = less time to notice the blinking, not really a fix but rather a workaround) icon loading, I think Cycle-exact should be enabled with ClassicWB, in all scenarios). I believe the brief icon flashing happens on real Amigas too.

If you have the chance to test it with a faster Host machine, it should be even less noticeable.
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