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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
That's what I think. And if you use the StandAlone, what do you "feel" different using it?

Oh well, forget me. I think I'll never appreciate the difference.
With software emulation, the timing will generally be all over the place and you will not be able to hook up any timing-critical peripherals like real floppy drives. Also, the speed of the emulation tends to go from very fast to very slow and I know even on my i7, WinUAE can sometimes crawl below A1200 speeds during certain effects if you configure it with good quality emulation of the custom chips. Some of the things that happen in the custom chips can be quite hard to emulate properly in software. With an FPGA implementation, everything basically runs in parallel so the speed will be constant (just like the real chips) and the IO latency is much smaller which enables you to hook up stuff like real floppy drives and other peripherals.
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