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Yes, i know about GRip, i've not took some time to upload it somewhere.
I got this tool directly from a Drifters members, i don't know why it wasn't spread around ?
BTW Drifters was full of nice french dude
I'm a bit surprised about Dissector, i checked on internet and it didn't seem to be available neither. I was pretty sure that i uploaded it somewhere

I remember DiskMonTools now In fact to do disk/file editing i used FileMaster 2.2+ A good all in one tool. Filemaster 2.2+ (with Crm support) doesn't seem to be easy to find neither.

I checked others monitors you have mention and most of them seems to offer the same as SnoopDOS or XOpa, i've not test too much to see which one could be the best
Strangely even if ASP doesn't seems to be the most complete i like his tiny style.
Another good monitor is : Scout

For debugging HrtMon is really good.

If you've some space left on a disk you can add a good graphic viewer (Visage or and a good music player perhaps HippoPlayer ?
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