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Dad bought an A1000 home from work around 87 or 88. Most friends still had 8-bits, and hadn't even heard of the Amiga at the time.

I remember being amazed by it compared to the BBC B we had, especially when seeing the likes of Deluxe Paint, Aegis Animator etc. Literally could not believe how good Marble Madness and Crazy Golf looked and sounded.

First upgrade I bought for it was a Cortex 4Mb Ram board so I could play F1GP - which sadly died.

Then bought an A1200 in 92, which is now in a Power Tower, complete with BPPC+BVision + PowerFlyer (Fast ATA Mk2 I think) - currently trying to get AmiKit 'real' working with CGFX...... Along the way it has had a Blizzard Mk2 1230/50, an Archos Overdrive and various IDE CD drives etc.

Played a lot of Serial linked Skid Marks and Gloom with an Amiga owning mate at Uni before getting PS1's :-)

Since then I have acquired a couple more A1200's, another 030(GVP) board and an 060(Blizzard), and a Squirrel SCSI attached CD-Rom. I may try and get a CD32 at some point!

Also along the way have probably had a fair few of Galahad's (amongst others!) cracked disks......
Now I have acquired originals of a lot of the cracks I used to have! (not to mention a tolerant Wife who puts up with it all....)

I now mainly use Macs at home, and PC's at work, but neither has ever really grabbed me in the same way the Miggy did in 87!
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