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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Yes I use the same system on my actual machine. C

Installed libraries:
cgxsystem.library 42.7 (68K mode)

1 graphics device(s) installed

CyberVision64/3D: Driver Version 4.4 (68K mode)
CardID=13($d) Number=1($1)
Developed by phase5 digital products

Is that autoconfig 8512/67 anything to be concerned about? could it be confusing the driver? the same id is used when selecting either the zii or ziii card in uae.

From Hardware Database site :-

A2000 Interface Zorro II Autoconfig ID 8512/67
A3000, A4000 Interface Zorro III 8512/50
Don't trust autoconfig IDs. There are many mistakes. (Some even quite simple ones, like same ID both in decimal and hexadecimal format)

At least Picasso96 driver only checks for ID=67 for both models.

Originally Posted by Zilog View Post
with Cybergraphics, how active the resolution 320x240, with cybergrahics v4 rc6 i have only 640x480 or more.
Run CGXMode (that comes with CGX) and configure 320x240. (and first set monitor type to some high frequency one to prevent disabled higher resolutions)
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