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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Explain to me Toni, what I miss exactly and what I should do.

On the OS I used I installed CyberGraphX v4 42.0 + update CyberGraphX_4.3rc4/5/6
You didn't mention CGX version. And 4/5/6 does not sound very exact either..

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
The demo is working with the erratic framefrste as already noted with cgfx v4. Its not just with this demo though. The same chopiness is happing in workbench and w3d software.

Also, this demo seems to cause the hpos crashes in Beta 4 and 5 so its nothing really to do with w3d as first thought. I'm having to stick to beta3 to avoid those crashes.

I can test the demo on my actual amiga over the weekend (its not often I bring it out) but I dont expect it to have any issues. (Bvision/CGXv4)
I still can't duplicate any crashes. BVision is not in listed cards so testing with it won't help.

EDIT: Do you have exact same CGX4 version (check internal versions to confirm it) in real and emulated configs?
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