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It is almost certain I won't see anything wrong. (and HDF is nono: too many unknown variables anyway).

No default.uae. Don't change anything. A500 quickstart.

FPS jumping 49-51 is normal. In some version FPS counter become more accurate, originally it was averaged value which made it look like it was more stable. So this means nothing. (I don't think this was specifically mentioned in any changelog). Amiga 50Hz isn't exactly 50Hz but 49.94Hz.

3.4.0b1 does change PAL/NTSC FPS adj% behavior so you could try if ticking checkbox in right side of FPS adj. Display panel option changes anything. (Tick it and make sure text box value is exactly 50.000000)

EDIT: I have some other ideas too but I'll need to check some things first..
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