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It's something in the emulator anyway... There are games like Fantastic Dizzy AGA WHD that show visible micro-stuttering for the side-scrolling vs parallax forest once again visible only with 3.4.0b1+
Setting JIT off, cycle-exact, cpu_compatible off etc. won't solve these random subtle micro-stutterings confirmed by fps counter, totally absent with 3.3.0 and before. Some chipset timings & syncs changes introduced this, at least for some hw (Win 10 2004, i7-8750h 6 cores 12threads + 32GB RAM + gtx 1070MP 8GB, 144Hz 1920x1080 g-sync here so it can't be a weak hw issue). Tested also with Audio: Disabled and won't change the issue. Also with GeForce Experience uninstalled nothing changes (nonsense anyway since 3.3.0 was working fine with it).

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