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I force no vsync since I have g-sync and I just use Display > Native: Fullscreen (nothing selected in vsync cycle-gadget).

I'm sure 70% users couldn't see what I'm talking about even when looking at my screen next to me, but I've very sensitive eyes for ANY sort of small micro-lag so with some suspects in mind I enabled Miscellaneous > Native on-screen display, and noticed there was actually some FPS random fluctuation starting with WinUAE 3.4.0b1 in the counter area... and this confirmed my picky eyes catch.

(Same here: 144Hz 1920x1080 display, with g-sync)

YouTube videos (please ignore ugly scrolling because was recorded at 60fps with NVidia GeForce Experience while the game was actually smoothly running at 50Hz/fps g-sync'ed):

3.3.0, stable 50fps (okay, there are just a pair of 49fps at the very beginning to be exact, but then is rock solid 50fps and never noticed micro-lags):
[ Show youtube player ]

4.4.0, subtle fluctuating 50fps (with some micro-lags for very picky eyes):
[ Show youtube player ]

Beast icon tooltypes (and WinUAE customized settings at launch):
ExecutePostDisk=uae-configuration cachesize 0 cpu_speed real waiting_blits true cpu_memory_cycle_exact true
(obviously I already tried with cycle_exact true, and all possible combinations and nothing changes. Same cfg on 3.3.0 runs flawlessly as you can see in the video above.)

A good real 50fps recording program?

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