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hmmm, I wdn't worry about the masses, no point knocking
yourself out. People are always going to want to be
reassured and good solid reasons to do anything.

I take it you acquired your first Amiga in 1986 like I
did... I now own about 30 complete systems, including
4 A4000's and never owned anything else. I spent an
incredible amount of money in the early days and in
recent years had a field day picking up stuff for bugger
all *heh* about time ,)

I will buy the top of the line A1 system and probably
a Pegasos II system too... and I cd've give one toss
about the future of the hardware and software... even
as things stand today it'll do more than enough to
justify the lousy low price...

Remember the days when one freaking Amiga board cost
more than the entire A1 system...

The Amiga isn't a cpu as much as it is a lifestyle...

Adios! and perhaps you're right on target when you
suggested you wander off into the outback for peace of
mind if nothing else ,)
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