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OK Jake, a few suggestions/possibilities:

1. The floppies you are using to write the games back to are stuffed.

2. The ADF's are being corrupted while transferred. Try compressing them and sending them across to the Amiga, then decompressing. If they uncompress OK, the transfer process is not the problem.

3. If you write NDOS games back to floppy, after the inhibit() on the drive (to prevent anything else using the disk while it is writing) has finished, AmigaDos will suddenly see the disk. Since it's NDOS it may say something like "disk in drive df0: is bad" or something similar. Purely because the game isn't standard files. Try copying a game across which only consists of files. eg. Interceptor, Joe Blade, Major Motion etc. All those have no special disk protection and you should not get validation/checksum errors.

4. Do the games actually work or you get the error message and then wipe them thinking they don't work?

TomCat666: Thanks for the Tracktool praise! I'm sure TransADF does exactly the same thing, but Tracktool was written when I needed to run it on WB1.3 and nothing seemed compatible with that at the time!

If you type "Tracktool WRITE ram:Interceptor.adf VERIFY" it will write each track back, then re-read it and make sure the disk is OK (sounds the same as TransADF). If it complains, your floppy disk or drive is probably stuffed. Good luck!
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