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Thanks for the quick reply, although i fear i may have hit an impasse at this point.

I assume the bootdisk you uploaded was to that link in the top right called "The Zone", but i do not have access that that, most likely given to the fact ive only created my account to day (which is fair enough, and things can be uploaded elsewhere so this isnt the main problem).

The problem i see at this point, is that i have no way to write the boot disk to a floppy, unless i'm missing something. I couldn't use EasyADF to write floppies to begin with as i lacked a working WB 2.05 disk. so EasyADF will not work until i provide it one. i have already tried to boot with the EasyADF disk with the WB installed on the CF but that, as you probably already know, didn't work.

I should also point out something i forgot to mention before.... i actually possess a USB floppy drive incase winUAE is able to make use of that the same way it has with this CF card. Although its currently my understanding that this is not possible to to hardware constraints.

EDIT:- i figured out how to access the boot disk download in the zone, and it is indeed a .adf file. am i stuck from this point?

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