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Ah! now it does not switch anymore and I can control the two players with the desired combinations. I still have some problems with the fire buttons, which are still controlled by the mouse. I ll try to solve that, but I wanted to thank you first for your help.
Is there a list of commands that i can use as reference? I wouldn´t have been able to find the autoswitch command by myself.

Regarding the joysticks, I bought two hoping to solve the keyboard problems, but they give me even more problems, so I decided to solve the keyboard mapping first, and then try the joystick mapping.

Thank you for your help Mr. FS!

edit: so, the mouse click override my command because "keyboard_key_alt" is not a command. I switched to keyboard_key_m and now it works like a charm.
I still have no idea how to activate the secondary buttons. I dream of a list of commands to write on the config files. the input page is a good start but the autoswitch command is not there.

Command list or not, I am very grateful and I will donate asap.

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