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OK, so...

FS-UAE by default does not write to ADF images. Instead it saves "overlays" with the data written, in ".../FS-UAE/Save States/<Configuration>/#?.sdf" files. Note, .sdf, not .adf, and the format is not compatible.

To disable this rather surprising behavior, you have to:
  • set "writable_floppy_images = 1" in your ".../FS-UAE/Configurations/<Configuration>" file. Make sure of the spelling, it's "writable", "writeable" is not recognized.
  • Delete the overlays. Even with the configuration option set, existing overlays will continue to be used.

I understand the idea of protecting your ADF's, but backup copies are cheap, and hiding this behavior behind an option that can't be set by the loader and requires some hoops to jump through to disable...
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