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FS-UAE caching ADF contents?

Apparently FS-UAE is somehow caching floppy disk image content, and doing a bad job of it...

I'm starting FS-UAE through FS-UAE-Launcher 2.8.3 on Linux Mint 19.3.

I also own an A3000, with a Gotek USB floppy emulator mounted. I used that to format several ADF images.

I then unhooked the USB stick from the Gotek drive, and plugged it into the Linux box. I used unadf to list the image contents, and indeed unadf showed their new logical names, and them being empty.

But mounting those images in FS-UAE, I saw the old logical names and old contents of those images from when I had last mounted them in FS-UAE.

This is rather counterproductive; how can I turn off this behavior, and make FS-UAE actually read the images I provide?
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