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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
All goals *smashed* ;-)

Nice to see it went well ...but... still a bit puzzled over the amount of backers..
808 people backed this one.
840 backed the 1200 cases.. The caps are for most Amiga models not just a1200.

Shouldn't there have been more backers? ;-)
The true number of backers may be higher for this campaign, I'm not sure how many people backed the previous one in the A1k and group buys compared to this time. Some of the previous backers may not of supported this one as delays have meant they are yet to receive their cases. Although the keycaps are compatible with more machines than the cases were the lack of corresponding new funky cases for those machines may have put people off (if you bought a black or blue A1200 case for example I expect you'd be far more likely to want some coloured keys to go with it than if you only have a yellowed A500). If they ever do run A500 or A600 case campaigns at least they'll be able to offer package deals including new keys with the new cases now which could be a big help.
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