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Originally Posted by carfesh View Post
Could you please mail me the full logfile, and the dump file (if possible, compressed as zip), to

I can then take a closer look into why it crashes in a debugger. Does it show no text between information retrieved from hardware detection: and the next line, or did you shorten the file?

It sounds like the CPU detection code may cause issues with the CPU model you use; that would be odd, as that code wasn't changed between 0.4 and 0.5.

Hi, thank for taking your time in helping me

jeje, about date, yes, u r right, I did not realize, I use this computer only for games, never check the clock

I put correct date, but still same problem

I did not short any file, just copy paste

I upload the dump to my website, is a direct download, I think is easy than mail
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