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Originally Posted by carfesh View Post

could you please upload your fellow.log file from the system it is not working on? I have a guess about what it might be, I'd like to check that. You should find it under


We did not intentionally change the requirements, apart from that you now need XP to run WinFellow (so Win2000 is no longer supported).
Hi carfesh!! thank you for your reply, you are right, I did not attach a log, sorry, im feel idiot!

"Unhandled exception detected" mm... very generic error??

WinFellow alpha v0.5.1 r880 (SVN) (release build)

information retrieved from registry:

CPU vendor: AuthenticAMD
CPU type: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor
CPU identifier: x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
CPU clock: 1000 MHz

operating system: Windows XP
parameters: OS 5.1 build 2600, Service Pack 3

number of processors: 1
processor type: 586
architecture: 0

total physical memory: 223 MB
free physical memory: 101 MB
memory in use: 54%
total size of pagefile: 339 MB
free size of pagefile: 226 MB
total virtual address space: 2047 MB
free virtual address space: 2009 MB

display: SiS Mirage Graphics
media: Realtek AC'97 Audio
unknown: Ethernet Controller
media: Audio Codecs
media: Legacy Audio Drivers
media: Media Control Devices
media: Legacy Video Capture Devices
media: Video Codecs

information retrieved from hardware detection:

01/13/13 07:32:42: Unhandled exception detected, write minidump to C:\Home\Admin\Application Data\WinFellow\WinFellow_0.5.1.880_20130113_063242.dmp...

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