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I was using the ADF files fine a couple of days ago, but suddenly none of them (except some coverdisk files) are working. I've tried a few different configs - A500, A500+, A1200 - and all of them just go straight to the insert diskette screen. What am I doing wrong?

I'm particularly trying to get Exile to work (one I grabbed from the Zone). The only thing I remember changing in the last couple of days is that I changed the default directory for ADFs (It calls it "Default ROM directory". I had earlier put them in the roms folder until I realised that was quite different from normal emulators and moved them to "Amiga Disks".

EDIT: Just changed the default ROM dir back to "Roms" and re-copied the game there and now it's working. Wtf? Why would it matter? I'd much rather use the disks folder, as the roms one is all cluttered... :?

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