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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
...and from what I've read you don't get very many at all considering how many people use this resource

I'm probably your biggest donator and let I hardly every download stuff; I'm more of an uploader really

I quoted your reply Turran but the following is really directed at Nounouss33

Well, it used to be 100 posts but we decided that was too high...

Thing is, it was put in place to stop people just joining EAB, making a few posts, then leeching the whole FTP which slowed things down for everyone.

50 posts isn't really much to be fair...
That's why i have made a monthly 20€ donation, even if it's not that high
I don't have much spare time, but discovered this incredible forum and ftp.
And it's really helping me. On the other side, i don't want to ask questions that have probably been asked many times. I don't want to post stupide questions just to artificially increase my number of posts
These rules i understand them, they make sense, it's not easy to find the perfect solution. I understand you don't want to make people pay for the ftp access. However, a FTP server requires hardware, bandwidth, maintenance and so on ...

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