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Ok, I found the culprit: It was the "CPU Idle" slider. This was set all the way to the right. When I changed this to all the way to the left, the sound playback is fine.

I think that design-wise this section in the GUI is a little confusing because you'd expect that a slider all the way to the right means "maximum performance" but of course that's not the case here because we're talking about IDLE here, in which case of course the slider must be at its leftmost position for least idle and thus maximum performance.

I think it's even more confusing because there is a separate option in the CPU tab named "Fastest possible" but this is very misleading because only activating this option certainly won't give you the fastest possible CPU... you also need to set CPU Idle to the left! But few people probably know this so I think it would be more intuitive if there was a "Fastest possible" option that would automatically apply all those fine-tuning settings as well. Many people possibly only have "Fastest possible" activated and think that this is as fast as it gets without knowing that WinUAE can pull off a much better performance by setting CPU Idle to 0! So IMHO, "Fastest Possible" should set CPU Idle to 0 as well because only that will give you the best performance...

Ideally, of course, I'd prefer if WinUAE was automatically able to take the CPU it needs. Setting CPU Idle to the left will hog the CPU but apparently it is the only way to give WinUAE the ultimate power. When I set it all the way to the right, sound is choppy and CPU-intensive programs almost stall completely every few seconds which is very confusing (and first made me believe that there was an error in my code until I noticed that it's a WinUAE problem).

So from a user point of view it's currently rather cumbersome because when using WinUAE for development I set the CPU Idle slider all the way to right because I don't want WinUAE to hog the CPU. When testing my CPU intensive program, however, I have to open the options and change CPU Idle to all the way to the left again. So I have to constantly switch back and forth between "no CPU idle" and "full CPU idle"... that's a bit annoying but I'm not sure if it can be implemented in a more intelligent way...
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