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Can WinUAE open Kryoflux stream files (preservation)?

When archiving old original games I used to use the CT raw image format because WinUAE is able to open that and it works with copy protected games. However, this format is not good for sending dumps to SPS. AFAIK, they need to have the dumps in the "Kryoflux stream files (preservation)" format which creates about 40MB worth of data for a single disk.

Can WinUAE open this file format? I've tried to select "track00.0.raw" in WinUAE but it doesn't work. Complains there is no bootblock.

It would be very convenient if WinUAE was able to open this file format because currently I have to dump every original disk up to three times:

1) as ADF (if AmigaDOS formatted to see if checksums are ok)
2) as CT raw (to be able to open it in WinUAE)
3) as Kryoflux stream files (preservation) to be able to submit it to SPS

If WinUAE supported Kryoflux stream files (preservation) I wouldn't have to dump disks as CT raw any more.

Any ideas?
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