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I just copy the release notes into here...

This is the final version of the Revision 2018 demo of


A SHMUP for the Amiga 500 and all other OCS machines with at least 1 mb of RAM (the second 512k might be fast,chip or slow, no problems with either config here), and OS 1.3 up to 3.1 should be supported. No AGA machines, though. If this runs there, write me an E-Mail and get me a beer, since I never tested this…

Some enhancements/fixes compared to the version shown at Revision:
* Title Screen - High Score List switch fixed.
* Much better collision detection enemy bullets - player
* one more enemy type
* mid level boss fight included

Generally, this version is how the game is intended, difficulty wise. I made the Revision version a lot more easy, so we could record this and show as much of the level as possible without dying.

The final game will have:
* two player mode (for those beer evenings with your dude friends)
* three more levels
* extra weapons
* a proper score and hi score list which hopefully gets saved on disk.

Have fun...
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