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Hi, I'm glad to announce the release of EmuTOS 0.9.12. It is available there :

The key feature regarding to Amiga is that I got rid of all AROS code. And I have rewritten all AUTOCONFIG and Fast RAM support with new GPL code. As a result, there is no more license issue. Official Amiga binaries are now full-featured, there is no more alternate set. This is a big step forward, as all the new features and bugfixes will immediately be available for users in snapshots and next releases.

As always, EmuTOS is provided in both ROM (MapROM'mable) and floppy variants. Special versions optimized for Vampire V2/V4 are also provided.

Regarding to the floppy issues reported here, I indeed noticed some problems on my A500+ setup. While the real floppy drive always works well, I sometimes get read errors from Gotek. I will investigate that later. Certainly a little but annoying bug. I have good hope that this will be fixed at some point.

On the other hand, IDE support (with FAT16 partitions) is supposed to work perfectly, for both read and write. The is no known issue.

Oh, I forgot a new important feature: Vampire V2/V4 SDCARD is now supported!


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