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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
I wonder why the Hyperion Entertainment is not helping yet - they must have noticed increased OS4 sales after you and Frode made it possible to run this system on UAE...
Exactly. I assume reasons are politics only.. (But lets not discuss that here..)

Originally Posted by ccapublic View Post
Hi Toni. I may not have understood well but you're talking about implementing hooks from os4 ppc to "native code devices" like winuae does for 68k AmigaOS rtg, ahi sound,... right ? Not talking about dates or commitments, do you have any roadmap in mind ? (ie which features should/may come first).

I'll update this thread when more information is available. Next step is insert UAE boot rom in new expansion device used for trap interface and add simple Amiga side to PC side hook. This is the first important phase.

If UAE side sees the hook access when running under OS4: test passed.

I don't know exactly what is the dependency of ALICE project on those new features, but I suppose they would greatly improve ALICE performance and user experience with OS4. Is this project part of the reasons why you re-considered working on those hooks ?
Obviously it helps any OS4 in emulation experience
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