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I have partitioned the drive with AROS but some perculiar things are happening inside WinUAE.

I cannot see the drive with HDToolbox (but I can see and partition it with HDInstTools from Aminet). I started HDToolbox from shell with device=uaehf.device with no luck but changing the tooltype SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=scsi.device to uaehf.device recognises an unknown device. Changing the heads and cylinders to what I think it should be results in the drive having a negative size however everything is recognised in HDInstTools as a 28,900 Mb.

If I partition the drive with HDInstTools only the last partition on the drive ever shows up as a NDOS device on the workbench. What am I doing wrong? I have IDEFix installed if this makes a difference but to be honest I'm finding it all quite confusing having been away from serious Amiga use for a little while.

Edit: They've just appeared so I might be able to get it working, I'll explain when I know what's going on.

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