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I spent the last six hours programming a compass/radar bar like the one featured in Fallout 3/NV and Skyrim, and I finally managed to emulate it
I also removed some minor bugs (the gun not disappearing when entering vehicles & the "interact" indicator staying enabled because the gun also didn't have it's collider disabled, car wheels with no backsides).
Next on the to do list:

- Better running animation
- Not being able to push vehicles away
- Color shading for vehicles
- Better camera system
- Random object spawner at game start, to populate the landscape with vehicles, buildings, and terrain like trees and rocks
- Swimming
- Day & night cycle
- Resource points that look like crates. They can be picked up as an item and then the player gets a specific resource: A vehicle, ammo, health and so on. When using a resource, some kind of stealth transport helicopter or plane will fly over to the player's position and drop the requested item Kind of like in Just Cause.

To go into further detail with some of the tasks above:
For testing purposes it's actually helpful that the player can even push the tank away slowly. It helps because when a boat has too much speed when hitting the coastline, it will slide too far onto the ground to be able to reverse or turn. the only way to get it back into the water is to push it by hand at the moment. I plan to replace this unrealistic behavior with some sort of towing chain device which can be planted anywhere, including on the water, and then the rope or chain on it can be attached to a vehicle, and it will pull the vehicle towards it Similarly, a device that turns overturned vehicles upright again, like the gravity gun in Half-Life 2 could , but more realistic. Kind of like a jack for vehicles.

About the vehicle colors, from looking at Hunter screenshots it seems like the vehicle surfaces are not entirely lighted just buy the light coming from the sun. Vehicle roofs are often of the light green / peppermint color, for example.

I also think that a crossbike / motorcycle would be cool, if there's a bicycle there has to be something similar but faster I also want to include a sniper rifle for those long-range encounters. Ammo would be very rare, however, so that it's not overpowered in the open landscapes.
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