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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
I don't know if you knew about this or maybe it is the way it is for a reason but I thought I would post and mention it all the same just in case...
It's by design I'll have another look, but the 'problem' is that I wanted the silver key to teleport you back, which doesn't work as expected (or I didn't try hard enough ).

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Great work TCD - thanks for time you have dedicated here - it was fantastic to play a new level!!
Thanks Peter Certainly good to hear that people like my level and of course that helps to get the motivation to make a second one in a bit

Edit : Success! Seems like I simply didn't try hard enough Thanks a lot for making me have a second look Peter Makes much more sense now

Edit 2 : Okay, beta 4 is ready for download. Fixed the tension music at the end (hopefully... ) and the teleport on the secret island. I've seen the 'two balls' issue aswell after backtracking and coming back, but it only happened once (right when I entered the screen). Don't know how I can fix that, so I just call it the 'amazing two ball throw wonder' feature from now on

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