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IMO Turrican & Turrican II were in fact underrated by a couple of magazines that gave it a score below 90%. Anything below 90% for these games at that time is ridiculous.

I remember in Germany my favorite mag "ASM" rated Turrican II "10 out of 12" which is definitely too low considering its technical brilliance (they later rated Turrican 3 "12 out of 12").

Still many mags rated the games rightfully higher than 90%.

About Gods (as response to previous posts): I dislike its adapting difficulty which throws unfair enemy formations at you when you play well and gives you free lives when you suck. Also the scrolling sucks.
But the level design is indeed very good (better than Turrican) and the graphics style awesome.
This makes it a great game and by no means overrated.

Here's my list of overrated games:

- Agony
- Alien Breed games
- Ruff 'n Tumble
- Xenon 2

And that's it.

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