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Rewritten a bit yes, but I'll bet a small team on here could do it for a bit of fun in no time.

Just think how cool it would be. 10 of us having a laugh round 1 track of Super cars II. It would only need to be like a demo sized game, basic missiles etc (I think I remember playing the Demo of SCII back in the day before it was released, happy days), but with 10 humans instead of 2 and 8 cpu's.

Come on guys admit it if this existed it would be AWESOME!! And you’d be playing it loads. It would even bring the EAB closer together actually playing one of the old classics in one place.

If we drum up enough support I'll bet one very clever chap will pick up the challenge and make a start

LOL just looking on HOL at it again they were great graphics weren't they, but they couldn't draw hands LOL°15
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