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Unable to open your tool "directory opus'

Hi all.

Re-installing my trusty Amiga A1200 for the first time in years. I have given her a 4GB CF Hard drive, a 4GB PCMCIA CF, a new internal floppy and a Blizzard 1230 with 32meg arrives next week.

All has gone well. I have formatted 2 partitions, and installed WB3.0 onto DH0. All good! I then installed the drivers for the PCMCIA CF and Easy ADF (ADAPCMCFL from amikit) and lobbed a copy if install43_3 in the C: drive.

Thanks to the useful info on this board getting me thus far! I then installed Dopus 4.16. It all installed perfectly well, but it wont launch. I get the error message "Unable to open you tool directory opus". Life without Opus is too scary to contemplate.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Cheers in advance
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