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Look, Lukas. 99 percent of PC's run Windows, or close to it. So its not crazy of me to bring up the point I did. I have nothing against Linux. I respect it. Servers all over use Linux. But the reason we here go off on PC's is because the dominant OS for PC's, Windows, is garbage. XP is an improvement, and a set back as well. It was touted it as a total rebulid, totally stable. Yeah right.
MicroSoft nearly conquered the world, and they still cannot get it remotely right.
And....Half think there is intelligence in that idiotic, worthless, repetitive game???
Not as much as in Turrican, and the latest PC strategy games, with all 700 MB of space, are chcok full of AI flaws, and always needing patches. I never had to patch my Atari St or Megadrive stategy games.
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