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Originally posted by Frederic
Lets see, so, Lukas, you are saying Amiga users, many of whom now use PC's and Macs as their main machine (but many also still have Amigas as their main machine), have not been able to laugh at Windoze 3.1 , 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 (The best verision so far) or XP? At all? You gota be kidding.
Maybe, the ones who use the PC's as their main comp now do not laugh tho. That, you may be correct about. They swear, despair and curse now.
If you consider the PC and Windows as one thing You gotta be kidding...
I only wanted to say that IMO laughing at PC lost the reasons.
Both Amiga and PC has its + and - but some ppl seem to see in PC only its minuses and consider Amiga as perfect which I think is not.
If you think it's funny and makes Amiga better than it really is just laugh...
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