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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost

You're joking, right? Since the heyday of the Amiga, the PC has been cranking out tweaked FPS after tweaked FPS and there seems to be no end in sight. And that is the big step ahead that you speak of? Licensing someone's 3D engine is leaping forward in technology? I think maybe you DO live in your own world...
Why do you talk about PC and FPS, 3D engine and such things?
Just look at 1991's PC and today PC.
Look at 1991 Amiga and today Amiga.
As for example. Compare 286@12Mhz EGA gfx and soundlaster (SB was not very common in '91) running MS-DOS 5.0 (1991) and any pentium class, fast gfx accelerator + good sound card running ie. Linux environment (now).
Such nonobjectiveness of most-what-remains of Amiga community makes me sick. Do you think your laughing and talking to each other how PC is fucking shit makes Amiga any better than it is?
PC is not only Windows, FPS, 3D engines, games and stuff.
I still use Amiga because like it's 'climate' and have good memories connected with it and I dont plan to stop using Amiga in the near time. Personally I think Amiga has no future, at least that computer what I think Amiga is.
I have and use PC because it's an excellet tool for me and there's lots great games available for affordable price.
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