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From what i read of your post does that mean that these are ds0 packed in an extended adf archive ?

Dislike the though of adf needing to have ds0 or similar mountlist for them to be used.

From memory disksqueeze process has an .image file made during packing. If this is extracted could this not be convert straight to entended adf. The user would never need to use a mountlist, and can be run like any other extended adf. Also could be written back to amiga floppy hardware when ever they need to.

If the above cannot be done how about writting them back to floppy again, this is with them .image file never been fully unpacked accept. Unpacked only when it is written to a destination amiga floppy disk. Then make an extended adf of the floppy disk to make a new image. That would mean never to use ds0 or other mountlists, as is used like any other adf no mountlist needed.

I'm going by what is written above, not looked at these files on the server yet.
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