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Why don't you test whether the network card is the culprit or not?
Remove the card, rename the device driver, reboot and run a game.

Another possibility is that your kickstart files got corrupted. Download the WHDLoad developer archive, it contains a program called CRC16. Run it with your kickstart files as arguments, e.g.
CRC16 DEVS:Kickstarts/Kick34005.A500
and you get
CRC16 1.1 (08.12.2003) by Bert Jahn
File 'DEVS:Kickstarts/Kick34005.A500' Offset=$0=0 Length=$40000=262144 CRC16=$F9E3=63971

the bold is the checksum and should be:
Kick34005.a500: $f9e3
Kick40068.a1200: $9ff5
Kick40068.a4000: $75d3
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