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Originally Posted by StarEye
I still miss powersliding, and the VW New Beetle is way to large compared to the other cars. But it's getting better, although it'll be sad that I won't be able to play this on my miggy.

Oh, and are you not going to add communication screens at all? Cause that's one of my favourite aspects of SC2 (aside from the actual racing, that is).
Powersliding will be added when I find some hours in a row to fully rework car behaviour.
Yes, on the miggy you'll have to stick to SC2 (which is excellent albeit a bit jerky)

About communication screens, yes, I could add them. Using freeze feature of WinUAE could allow me to find all correct answers (although for some sections I'm not sure of what to reply and there are delayed wrong answers so that's not that easy to faithfully reproduce them)

BTW ever heard of "Supercars International" ? I just found it on the web. Check it out (only for DOS, and not available for sale )
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