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about M$ Windows XP:
I also don't like Microsoft and all the crap they are pulling off, but I still use XP as my main OS. Why? Well, anyone who understands the basics of computer-technology, knows a little about the machines internals can pretty much make it a stable and enjoyable system. I don't even have a Virus Backgroundscanner running and still haven't had a virus in years. I just know that I don't use IE to surf the net and I don't use Outlook to read my mails. Occasionally I run a virus scan, that's about it. Having a nice firewall running also helps. Turning off XP "spyware" is also pretty easy. After installing the OS just run xpantispy or similar, and your on the save side.

I'd rather keep XP and not install vista, since I hate all DRM crap and similar efforts by M$ & Co.

For servers I only use Debian Linux. Windows is definitely NO option there.

At home I use a modded xbox(1) to watch DVDs, videos, play Mame,c64, and some Amiga games. pretty cool system! better than a real DVDplayer!

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