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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Good one mate! [...]

[...] I can make a perfect on this level 99 out of 99 times... If (and only if) I use my joystick (on my Amiga). Very tough with keys. [...]
99 out of 99 :

[...]Basically there's a trick to keep your distance from the blue blob as much as possible with the controls. And another trick to pickup that elusive diamond (but I guess you've figured that out already if you did score a perfect)
I think you are refering to the technique which consist of not finishing the move on the block and going straight back ? I use it on another level also to get a bottle of beer after some spikes (think it's the 6th level). There it's ok as the red blob that is coming is slower but on level 11, damn, the blue blob is really close so trying to get this diamond is really dangerous ...

Originally Posted by linesmachine View Post
[...] This means, for example, you can both pick up a sword AND turn and swipe with VERY small margins of error and available of time and space.[...]
This is especially true for level 11 . Some further levels also require such swordplay

Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Still can't beat it every time but at least got past it now. Died in level 16.
Score is improving at each play
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