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Originally Posted by r0ber7 View Post
- Is there a guide on Protracker's codes? I mean the ones which define the sound of the sample, like C40 sets volume at 40. I forgot a lot of them and wanna make my sound nice.
Something like this... Not very newbie friendly, but it's a complete doc about the functions.

0xy - Arpeggio (used mostly on chip samples ---- modulate tick by 3 (int arpTick = currentFrame % 3) -- frame 0 play note, frame 1 play note+x, frame 2 play note+y)
1xx - Pitch slide up
2xx - Pitch slide down
3xx - pitch slide to note (slides the current pitch towards the new note number entered before the effect)
4xy - Vibrato (x = speed, y = depth -- inc/dec pitch with a sinus table)
5xy - Pitch slide to note + volume slide (xy for volume slide)
6xy - Vibrato + volume slide (xy for volume slide)
7xy - Tremolo (x = speed, y = depth -- fades volume with a sinus table)
8xx - (NOT USED IN PROTRACKER - interpret as "set panning xx 00h..FFh" in newer trackers)
9xx - Sample offset (play sample from offset xx*8 instead of beginning)
Axy - Volume slide (AFx = volume slide up, AxF = volume slide down)
Bxx - Position jump (jump to another order - decimal)
Cxx - Set channel volume (00h..40h)
Dxx - Pattern break to row (jump to specified row (or next order if D00) - decimal-in-hex -- convert to decimal)
Exy - Extended commands (see below)
Fxx - (set ticks per row/BPM-- if (xx < 32) set_ticks(xx) else set_BPM(xx))

Extended commands:
E0x - Set Amiga LED filter (E00 = on, E01 = off (everything else gets clamped to E01))
E1x - Fine pitch slide up
E2x - Fine pitch slide down
E3x - Set "pitch slide to note" settings (E30 = slide through all pitches, E31 = slide through semitones only (everything else gets clamped to E31))
E4x - Set vibrato waveform (E40 = sine (default), E41 = ramp down, E42 = square wave (everything else gets clamped to E42))
E5x - Set sample finetune (x = finetune for current sample)
E6x - Pattern loop (E60 = set pattern loop start, E6x = loop x times)
E7x - Set tremolo waveform (E70 = sine (default), E71 = ramp down, E72 = square wave (everything else gets clamped to E72))
E8x - Karplus Strong (interpolates sample[voice_read_index] in its loop every ticks, repeat, only for looped samples)
E9x - Retrig note (play note again at frame/tick x)
EAx - Fine volume slide up
EBx - Fine volume slide down
ECx - Note cut (turn off note volume at frame/tick x, don't turn on again)
EDx - Note delay (don't play note until frame/tick x)
EEx - Pattern delay (don't process/play current row until frame/tick x)
EFx - Invert loop (x = speed -- change neg/pos on sample[voice_read_index] in its loop, repeat, only for looped samples

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