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I'm following the trend of porting Amiga games to pc environments. I was already working on a 3D based game engine (for the fun of it and to learn from it, not with the purpose to actually create a game), but now I have extended it with a 2D subsystem, allowing me to render sprites using pure OpenGL. I have managed to make it as simple as drawSprite(sprite, x, y), and support for animating BOB's is also built in. Since it's OpenGL I can easily scale, rotate and move sprites around, as well as use other funky tricks such as particles and such.

Input, (3d) Audio and sprite subsystems are all finished up to the point where I can put them to work, so I guess I can begin writing my first game pretty soon. Haven't decided which one yet (I was planning on doing Supercars 2, but somebody already beat me to that!), I have only been toying around with ripping resources and getting them to work using the engine, with success I might add.

As to what platform, I think you'll be happy to know it's JAVA, Zetr0

(but hey, the native OpenGL, OpenAL and the input bindings are all C of course)
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