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Well running the Amikit as the clean installation & making the suguested changes HAS sorted out the sound problem.
My only question now is sorting out the MUI classes so I can attempt to run a fully registered version of DRAWSTUDIO.

I had left this to be sorted UNTIL the sound question was cleared up as by applyiing fixes in order it determines whether the problems are NEW or the same, prior to a fix being applied.

I personally have NOT had any crashes during the 10 days i have had this programme installed and having tested it's online Ibrowse net funtions, including downloads also its Amirc abilities {both with keyfiles} can say its performs as stable as a real 1200.

The Frog player issue is a minor one as AVI handling by real Amiga's without dedicated graphics cards has allways been poor.

So an emulator , inside an emulator can hardly be expected to resolve issues that pre-existed its creation. without insult an ordinary win98 600hz PC can handle this type of media better its NOT a Amikit problem
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