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I have just compiled FS-UAE 2.2.0 and started evaluating it to see if I can replace WinUAE (which I use both for gaming and playing with AmigaOS) with it. I think this is a great piece of software (I especially like the GUI), but there are, unfortunately, some WinUAE features I miss in FS-UAE:

- CPU type selection: 68000, 68010, 68(EC)020, 68(EC)030, 68040 or 68060
- FPU type selection: none, 68881, 68882 or 040/060 built-in
- MMU enable/disable option
- Z3 Chip RAM size
- RTG memory size
- enabling AKIKO chip on the non-CD32 hardware
- Wazp3D soft3d support

I haven't checked the AHI sound yet.

Would it be possible to enable the user to specify some more emulation core options (I suppose the functionality - with the exception of soft3d support - is already there, it is just not exposed)?
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